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Checking Out the 3 Best Amazon Gadgets


Amazon has launched a new section on their site, catchily titled New 2019 Technology Gadgets, where they constantly add a selection of the coolest tech products you can get on the site. It’s a great resource to keep yourself in tune with where consumer tech is headed and hunt out the new stuff as soon as it comes online. We’ve delved into the list and picked out some of our favourites for your perusal. 

Lighting new dimensions with Uferno’s 3D Optical Illusion Table Lamp

Art and technology collide with this LED Optical Illusion Lamp from Uferno. The lamp features seven different kinds of monochrome lighting schemes as well as one flashing color mode that can play tricks on your eyes, along with the 3D illusions it’s capable of. The power comes from a USB cable, so you can plug it into your wall or computer depending where you are. 

The design is well thought through, using a combination of man-made and natural fibers in a production system that uses machines and artisans to finish it off. It’s ideal to display in your bedroom, office, or living room as a night lamp and is designed with energy efficiency in mind – it’ll last up to 10,000 hours without overheating so it’s great to use in children’s bedrooms too. The element of fun with the 3D illusions makes this a perfect gift for teens and kids, as well as for the fun and funky adults in your life.

Uferno’s 3D. Image credit: Amazon

Casting off with Scout-a-Bout’s Fish Finder

Tired of fishing in the wrong spots, waiting hours for a bite, then having to pack up and move downriver or upstream? The Scout-a-Bout Fish Finder is the perfect gadget for the frustrated fisher in your life. With the ability to deep dive and show you exactly what type of fish are around and the temperatures you’re fishing in, it’s a vast improvement on the normal fish finders that only work off surface temperatures.

You only need to wait 5-7 minutes to get an accurate temperature reading, thanks to Liquid Crystal technology and the crystal clear resin case will hold on to the temperature long enough for you get it reeled in. It’s a simple but very effective addition to any tackle box, with no wires to untangle, batteries to change, or charts to read. Whether you’re a dock, boat, kayak, river, or canal fisher, the Scout-a-Bout Fish Finder will work well for you. 

Fish Finder. Image credit: Amazon

Editors Choice

Family flying with the Hand Operated Mini Drone

As soon as we came across this flying ball it became a firm favourite, with the potential for laughs for the whole family. It’s a drone made out of soft plastic ABS material that’s flexible, light, and durable during the inevitable collisions. The material will mean your kids won’t end up crying if it knocks into them, keeping everyone happy. It flies in any direction you send it, with fast responses that work off your motions, even knowing when to ascend and descend. The motion control means you and your kids don’t have to spend hours mastering the controls so you can just dive right in. When you want to use it in the dark there are multi-colored LED lights built-in and they make it loads more fun and engaging, too.

There are two high-precision sensors inside the drone, meaning that it flies fast and smooth and can manoeuvre away from danger and obstacles. It has a full 360° range of motion thanks to the 4 propellers and 4 rotation motors making it ideal for capturing active family times. Just be careful around reflective surfaces – they can cause infrared feedback and reduce the signal that it can receive and could cause accidents.

Hand Operated Mini Drone. Video credit: Amazon

Wrapping Up

Helping you navigate your way through the myriad options on Amazon, we’ve picked out the best bits of tech from Amazon’s New 2019 Technology Gadgets section that are wallet-friendly. With the festive season around the corner, now is a great time to think about gifts for the tech-heads in your life, whether it’s a friend, partner, or your kids who will get the 3D Night Lamp. Don’t forget to follow us for more updates on the gadgets on Amazon so you never get the FOMO.

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