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Should you get the new Apple Card?


As with all things Apple, when the tech giant launched their Apple Card back in August, it caught everyone’s attention. The product gives users a titanium credit card to use in shops and is designed specifically for iPhone users who can get daily cashback rewards and has no fees for using it. Here, we look at the experience of Lexy Savvides from cnet, to see what she thought of it after a solid three months of use. 

She’s made a video where you can get the bigger perspective of what she thought of the Apple Card. Now, we’ll give you the potted version, including how the new card came in handy in a pretty extreme situation. Read on for Lexy’s opinion on Apple’s foray into finance. 

Your cards are numbered, or not…

When you look at your Apple Card, after the striking titanium design, you’ll notice that there’s no card number along the front. This might seem weird and make the card look unusual, but there’s a massive bonus to not having the card number displayed along the front; if your card gets stolen is can’t get used illegally before you can have chance to cancel it.

Cnet’s reviewer, Savvidge, found this to be a rather fortunate feature when her wallet had gotten stolen. Some of her other cards had a few hundred dollars swiped before she could get them canceled through her phone apps, but this isn’t possible with an Apple Card. Plus, whilst all her other banks were getting new details set up for her, she was still able to go about life, like ordering food online and paying through Apple Pay where it’s accepted.  

As useful as having an Apple Card was in this situation, things wouldn’t have been so rosy had her phone been stolen too. You can only interact with your Apple Card through an iPhone so you need to have a different iOS powered device as a back-up. You can’t even access your card through a website, so if you have no phone for whatever reason you’re going to struggle paying your bill or checking your balance.

Image credit: James Martin/CNET

Cashback creating value?

Plenty of credit cards out there offer perks, rewards, and cashback, and plenty of them are better than Apple Card offers. Elsewhere on the market, you can get travel rewards, or you can choose the category you get your cashback in. In contrast, the 3% cashback tier with Apple Card is limited to selected merchants.

That being said, there are some advantages to the interface that Apple has designed for their credit card. You get a visual representation of your spending each month which comes color-coded depending on the category you’ve been spending on. You can even set alerts and limits on different types of spending when you set up targets for them. Lexy said she found it really helpful to be able to allocate her monthly payments when settling her bill to avoid paying interest.

Is the Apple Card worth the switch?

To make an Apple Card worth it, you need to be pretty savvy about your spending so that you can get the most out of the 3% cashback offer, which you get at Apple Store and Walgreens, for example. More retailers have been getting added to the 3% list, like Nike that landed on there this week, so long-term there should be more ways to get a good chunk of cashback. Cnet’s reviewer said she still prefers to other cards that offer better value on things like travel or dining rewards and better cashback deals.

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